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The Fashion Bug

The other day I was watching “Tamasha” movie with my besties, and in the first half we were glued to whatever “The Deepika” was wearing, how stunning she was and how easily she was carrying the brands. She is a true Diva. She makes everything look cool on her and you will not have a dull moment till the time she is on the screen.

She is undoubtedly a great actor, I loved the excitement she displayed on the screen when she found her long lost friend or “love”. She was looking genuine to the core. Maybe she is one of the reason I loved the movie, even though the childhood scenes were a bit of stretch.

So here I was munching the popcorns and Nachos, which were absolute yummm and thinking I need all these stuff for myself he he… I assume it is not only me but all the divas who are reading this 😉

But But But…

We all cannot be “The Deepika”, but the fashion bug is there in each girl and we all have our own style to express ourselves. Below is one of my after work look which was clicked at my favorite restaurant.


Let me know if you like it 🙂

Jacket from Vero Moda, Top from River Island, Watch – Giordanno, Shoes from our most trusted brand Bata 🙂

Lots of love.


P.S – We can replace the word Diva with Deepika – wouldn’t you be excited if someone says “you are looking like a Deepika” 😉

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