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The minimalist look

We have a large screen in our office which either plays cricket or news channels. Yesterday, it was showing how Chennai came to a standstill because of heavy rains recorded the highest in past 100 yrs. My heart goes out for all those people trapped or missing.

Chennai brings back quite a lot of memories to me as my professional career started their. I really made some good friends, but I am not in touch with many of them, pity🙀. The humid and sultry climate would make you run away from there. (No wonder you can become a runner if you stay there for long ;)). Every breath of mine was asking me when will I leave this city but when the real time came I was giving a second thought, should I even consider leaving the city, which accepts anyone and everyone with open arms. You can enjoy the beaches whenever you want. The bus rides with separate sides for men and women☺. The famous saravannah stores, the Nalli silk stores, the chettinad chicken(yummmm), the list goes on…

I did not see the city as a major fashion hub, an air of change is a good idea ☺. I beg pardon if my assertion is wrong.

Thinking of all the good(beaches, for sure) or not so good things about Chennai, below is my take on the kind of dressing you would feel comfortable in.


Let me know if you think you will be comfortable in this look in a city brimming with intellectual people.

Love & prayers


PS: Chennai, being a conservative city you may want to think twice 😉 I wish the city comes to its normalcy as soon as possible.

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