The Greener side

Everything has a greener side to it, you just need the perspective to see it.

I just read an article about Britishers bombing the oil fields in Syria which is assumed to be funding the terrorist organizations. I cannot comment on this act but I really condemn the terrorist attacks on the innocent people which questions our well being and leaves our lives shaken.

I have known britishers for their hunger for perfectionism. Be it perfect looking houses, lanes, restaurants, shops or food. The most important being known as a major fashion hub. People out there love to dress up neat and chic. I am sure anyone who has  even a tad bit of interest in fashion will be having one or more favorite European brands☺👍 These people make everything look beautiful and desirable.

I love one of the Europe’s largest selling and affordable brand (am sure you also love it ☺)Vero Moda. I was introduced to this brand when I was doing a total wardrobe overhaul. The first time I entered, I loved everything I put my eyes on and wanted to buy it. I went selective and bought few stuff – a pair of pants, a pair of (let’s say more than a pair😉) t-shirts, a belt and a shrug. That was just the beginning of my association with this brand, till date I keep buying something or the other from it.

I would love to share my latest purchase with you guys, hoping that you will also love it. I will choose this outfit anyday, I don’t know the place – how is it going to be.  The Green color gives this outfit a fresh and fun look, making you feel comfortable at the same time.


Let me know if it is a YaY or NaY☺



P.S – I am not getting paid by Vero Moda, to write this, as to how much ever I want it😁.

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