All that Glitters

Hello Everyone,

Isn’t this the time of glittering lights and cozy nights☺.

December is my favorite month because of the greater beginnings it upholds. It’s the month of holidays, getting together with family and friends. Being in the IT world I see, this is the month when most of the people plan their pending vacations, I can relate this closest to the winter vacations we used to get during school. At this time, it makes me sad to read the mass shootings in California, may their souls rest in peace. At the same time it really makes me happy to see all the shops and streets decorated with lights which resembles hope. Hope that every thing will be alright

It’s also the month when you would not want to get up from the warmth of your bed to do anything. I feel blessed to be in Hyderabad which still remains warm and sunny during this season/month. Today, I had a sudden urge to eat the yummmm carrot-walnut cake at my favorite bakery shop “Ofen”.

Didn’t have much time to think about the outfit as the place closes by 9:30pm. To match the holiday mood I did find the bright mustard color full sleeve top to feel cozy (ain’t it cute with the three bunnies printed on it) which I paired with maroon treggings from UCB. The strappy mid heels, which I got online from myntra, accentuates the whole look. To add some fun and complete the look, I chose the big mustard hand bag with heart shape cutout detailing.  I love this look as it is simple, comfortable and fun at the same time. I have accessoried this look with forever 21 vintage ring(pic below) and stone earrings. You can also throw in some accessories like a long necklace or scarf.

Have taken few snaps, do let me know, if you think the same.






P.S – Prayers for Chennai.



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