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Fight the Monday Blues


You must have experienced the Monday Blues some or the other time in your life.

Weekends are a darling and we all want to spend more and more time with it šŸ˜‰ Sunday nights are dreaded because the very next day you have to be ready to face a whole week of unpredictability. There will be times you may have to struggle with the deadlines due to unplanned priorities, may have to deal with the good and bad mood of your superior, may have to motivate or inspire your subordinates or peers the list goes on. Among everything running around you and the challenges awaiting you, how do you manage to fight the “Monday Blues”?

My rescuer is my wardrobe. If things are not working according to my wish or if I am feeling down, I think of looking my best and this cheers me up instantly šŸ™‚ If I have to start my day by attending meetings, the default piece of clothing which comes to my mind is the Jacket. It makes you look sleek and sophisticated. To kill the look make sure you don a proper fitted Jacket. The fit can make or kill any look. The other thing I keep in mind is the color combination, if you are not sure go monochrome. Think of your basics – a white shirt and a black trouser – these can never go wrong.

Wearing the above combination will make you feel powerful, at the same time, will give you the confidence to face any challenges the day has in store. The kind of footwear you want to match should depend on your mood. If you have to move around a lot do wear flat or else heels are always welcome:) Black color footwear are the standard to go with this, but don’t be afraid to be creative. Choose a footwear of neutral color this will make you look stand out šŸ™‚

I kept my look simple and let the clothes speak for me. Black jacket makes me feel powerful, the Vero moda sleeveless top perks up my mood, the charcoal jeans brings everything together. I am wearing a neutral color flat from Bata(this is the brand famous for their quality slippers in India since I have known to wear one). It is a cheaper option compared to other branded shoes. I planned for dinner outside and didn’t have time to change, to make the transition, I opened my hair which makes me look a bit casual šŸ™‚

2015-12-08 17.05.14

Last trick to fight monday blues, wear a smile and your day will be wonderful.

Take care & Love,


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