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Yoga – Know yourself

“Do your practice and all is coming.” by Sri K Patthabi Jois


Lolasana, is the key pose which if you master you can do any Yoga pose known. My first brush with yoga was the time I got my first job. I was not happy with my weight and wanted to shed some kilos. My roommate told me about Yoga and asked me to do this every day without failure, she taught me few yoga poses and thus began my yoga journey. Do you know what triggered you to do yoga?

In the beginning, I didn’t realize the meaning of Yoga, but few years back I fumbled on Kino Macgregor’s(one of the few certified teachers of Ashtanga yoga and founder of Miami Life center ) Youtube channel called KinoYoga and everything started making sense. She made me realize Yoga is not about the poses you do but the journey. It empowers you to make peace with yourself. It enlightens you about your inner self. It tells you life is not about winning or losing but makes you realize who you are and how you can spread your inner light to people around you.

With the debate of intolerance growing in India, it amazes me to see people fighting over it blindly. I am not saying Yoga is the solution to all of this but at least, this can give a perspective to what they are standing for.

Lolasana, teaches you “Mula Bandha”, root lock. This pose added with controlled breath gives you the strength and balance to control your body. Mastery of this asana makes all the inversions and transitions like jump back and jump through, a cake walk. It really requires you be aware of your body and breath, I am still practicing this and I know one day it will come 🙂





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