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For the love of Pink

“Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!” by Miley Cyrus

Hello Lovely Readers,

Hope you all are having good time 🙂 Do you know an Australian woman, Kim Wood  is in news for decorating her house in pink color. For her its a calming color. I find it true. This color instantly cheers you up and soothes your mood. My first remembrance about this color is buying only a pink skirt and full sleeve top with a jacket(with green flowers) for my eldest sister’s marriage when I was in 5th standard. This was the first dress which the shopkeeper showed us, since that time it was imprinted on my mind and even after watching a dozen of options I chose the same. It has some kind of attraction and I do fall in love with anything pink.

Which color attracts you the most?

Recently,  I booked 3 months subscription plan of FabBag (this provides monthly Beauty and Grooming products) and I received my December bag yesterday. It had the Sugar Cosmetics Matte Lip Crayon in no other color than Pink. I was super excited to see the vibrant pink. I instantly swatched it at the back of my palm and was amazed with its smooth texture. It is very easy to apply and doesn’t even feels dry.

Here is the glimpse of fab bag, swatch and lipstick for you 🙂

2015-12-29 19.38.43


2015-12-29 19.39.12

Below is the pic you can see how it looks once applied.

2015-12-29 19.29.03

I was so perked up that I applied it before going out for my workout today:) It does not feel heavy, gives you a fresh look and looks natural:) I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family!!

I do love playing with different colors but I think Pink is going to be my color for days to come:)

My another Pink favorite of the month is the Handbag I bought from a shop called Mint (shop in Candolim, Goa). It sells the duplicates of the big brands like Michael Kors, Mulberry, Kate Spade etc.) but one good thing about this shop is, it sells good quality products as compared to others. For me  (this is on a little pricey side but for the quality and finishing I think its worth). Mine is inspired by the French luxury brand “Longchamp”.

2015-12-29 19.42.57

2015-12-29 19.41.04

2015-12-29 19.41.51Paint the town Pink love 😉 Give me a 👍 if you like it🐱

Take Care