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“A little dash of Lipstick will brighten up your day”

Hello Beauties,

I am sure I will find one or the other shade of lipstick in your pretty little hand bags 🙂 I have found a new love in the name of lipsticks 🙂 These work wonders to boost your mood and to cheer you up. You will never have a dull day playing with these stunners.  I wasn’t a lipstick fan a couple of years back but now I have realized that every girl needs one 🙂



The other day I was in conversation with my sister about how I was dying to buy a gorgeous red lipstick in India and she popped the name of KatVonD, (my first reaction was, did I hear it correctly ;)) and asked me to check out the variety of shades available under this brand. I checked out the reviews of this brand in Youtube and was surprised by the sheer range of colors it was offering. I fell in love with its “Bachelorette everlasting liquid lipstick” as it had the perfect hint of red I was looking for. I asked her to get one for me.(she stays in US and was planning to come to India to attend a marriage function, perfect timing ;)) The packaging is attractive and feminine. It glides smoothly when applied and leaves your lips moisturized. These do last very long as the name goes. Here it is after one application. Perfect for party wear. I know you will think it is not giving a red color but I think it is because of the light.

2016-01-10 15.27.04

I am not a promoter of Matte lipsticks as I have dry lips. But I always wanted to try one for it gives you a natural look and means business 🙂 and thus began my journey with the one launched by the famous Indian cosmetics brand called Lakme. They have introduced new matte collection under the name – Lakme Absolute lip Pout, in 6 different shades – Magenta Magic, Pink Fantasy, Raving Red, Starlet Red, Tangerine Touch and Victoria Rose. The product is true to what it promises – gives a effortlessly vibrant and playful look.  These do not leave my lips dry and are not at all chappy, also suits my skin tone perfectly. In the pic you can see the Tangerine Touch and Starlet red.


Here’s the swatch – I love this as these can be worn on a daily basis without giving you a heavy look.

2016-01-10 15.41.58

The Trio –


A good thing about shopping on foot is you get complimentary item if you buy makeup in multiples. I got the below shades from Colorbar and Lakme 🙂 What a day 🙂

Pic – Colorbar Over the top 81V – Looks more of brown plus red but gives a pinkish shade when applied. You can make it look nude by applying it light. Nothing outstanding about this shade, but would recommend this for everyday wear.

here is the swatch –




The Enrich satin is Lakme’s most popular and classic lipstick range available in various colors.  I got the Brown shade which I remember was widely used by all 10 years back. Looking at its packaging, my first thought was, this will not fit my wardrobe but I was proven wrong after the swatch. This has all you want from a lipstick – easy to apply, glossy to the right amount, rightly pigmented and moisturized. Would recommend to try this if brown color is your favorite.


Hope you enjoyed this lipstick haul:)


Do let me know which one you liked the most?

Take care till the next time.



P.S – My favorite of the lot is Kat Von D 🙂





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