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One Last Try – The Real Magic

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” by Robert F. Kennedy

Hello Lovely Readers,


Today’s subject is close to my heart and I think for you too. I am using Instagram as a platform to spread my Yoga practice. As you all know we all want to look better in front of camera, same goes with posting any pose. Everything has to be just perfect before you can make it public, because people love watching best of the best. You can see the profile of people who have the maximum number of followers and you will know why. These people have amazing shots at incredible locations, gorgeous backgrounds with a wonderful smile 🙂 Who is your favorite on Instagram?


All this does not happen in one click, I believe ;). We all have moments of trying it once more.


There have been times when I try to shoot a pose and I am unable to do it right even after few tries but then I have learned not to give up. I tell myself that I will try just one, one more time and voila, I have captured the best of the day 🙂 Not everyday is same and you will face some or the other problems, just don’t be afraid to give a one last try. This is true for any aspect of your life. If stuck in any problem, I would suggest you to sit, close your eyes, think of the options and give it one last chance, you never know it may change your life for good:)


I think I learned this from Yoga that “It’s not over till it’s over” 🙂 Yoga helps to calm you from within, clear your mind, make you aware of the surrounding and all this helps you to see light at the end of tunnel.


Wish you all a happy, full of vigor and energetic day 🙂




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