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One Step At a Time

“Yoga is journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” The Bhagwada Gita

Hello Everybody,

How is your Yoga practice going on? Did you take it up as a 2016 resolution? If not, its never too late. You must be wondering why I am advocating for it. Apart from 100 other reasons, I would like to add one more to the list. We cannot read a book in fraction of seconds(like Limitless), cannot jump off a running train(like Dauntless), cannot hypnotize a person in seconds(like Trance) but what we could and can do is be curious about who we are. Start exploring yourself to get surprised by the things you can achieve. Yoga is a perfect medium to uncover your strengths, to awaken your inner force, energy and vitality to achieve your BEST πŸ™‚

While following the Instagram Yoga challenge, “YogaHipsDontLie”, the host Jemina, Lina and Yuki gave us “Shiva Pose”. The look of this pose itself was intimidating enough to postponed it for later. Anyways, I had to post this to be in the challenge, so finally I tried. Let me take you to the sequence of thoughts that went throughout the trial –

  1. Do I really need to do this?
  2. Ok Yes, I do, but where to begin?
  3. Where to place my hand? How to take my leg behind, what to do with the other leg, How to keep the hips off the ground?
  4. Saw the picture again to know the anatomy ;), tried, failed miserably. Did some more stretching.
  5. Second try, now I know I have to come to the upward plank position then take the left leg behind the left hand and straighten the leg, but I am not off the ground yet.
  6. Third try and I could do all the things and was in aΒ  variation of Shiva pose for few seconds.


This was the time I felt relaxed, was at ease, body was thanking me for trying and mind was congratulating for completing the challenge successfully by taking one step at a time. I had the sense of achievement, which lasted with me throughout the day πŸ™‚

Let me know your experience about a pose that intimidated you but you still did it πŸ™‚

Now also, you cannot achieve all those things I mentioned in the beginning but you have reduced the gap of unknown within you. Practice Yoga to know yourself even better, by taking one step at a time.

Take care till the next time.

Namaste and Love





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