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The Quest for balance

“The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you have lost it”

Hello Lovely Souls,

Today I read a wonderful piece from Cetin whom I follow on IG, about being a Yoga teacher, he said, its not about doing fancy Yoga poses but ability to practice it 24/7 and shed light on others way. This is a beautiful thought. I do believe that asanas are the medium to open your mind, find the balance in your life and let others see the world in a way they have never seen it before.


I took around 8 Yoga challenges in the month of February on IG, I know it sounds crazy but I am loving each one of it. It is amazing as each challenge is different from the other. In the quest for finding the balance I took two of the Inversion challenge – FortheLoveofInversion and InversionOftheNerds. Handstands and Pinchas are the two inversions I am finding difficult to balance off the wall. I know the drill but everytime I try I fail. There are days when I am able to hold for a little long, and those are the days I tell my mind – Don’t give up.


Would like to share few ways for keeping the balance when trying to enter the handstand in a steady manner. While doing a headstand we give a triangular support to the body. Head becomes the center and palms or elbows the other two supporting points. The same we can apply for Handstands. I support my head with books at shoulder height, using my hands at both sides, I try to lift myself steadily with staggered legs. This way I am able to do a handstand in a balanced way without loosing its integrity;) The other is supporting your head against the wall and elbows at the sides, this way I am able to hold the handstand for as long as I want and can create any shape with my legs – diamond or samakonasana or eagle.


This is going to be my mantra for gaining enough core strength and balance to get off the wall.


Please share your building blocks towards finding the balance in inversions.




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