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Top 5 Reasons to embrace Social Media

“The power of social media is it forces necessary change.” By Erik Qualman
Hello Readers,
 Hope you all are rocking your day 🙂 Today I have a different topic for you guys to ponder on, which is, jumping on the social media band wagon. Imagine yourself interacting with people million miles away, exchanging your ideas and views with thousands of like minded people, learning and enhancing your skills, getting appreciated for doing things you love and looking at the world from a whole new perspective. Isn’t this exciting, I am getting goose bumps just by thinking. You have a whole new world waiting for you, go there, show that you have arrived.
Whats that one thing you would want people to know about you?
Embrace this virtual world for the better –
1) Multifold your ability to Appreciate – It took me years to join Instagram, I used to feel no one will care for what I have to share. I am no celebrity, no big name or sportsperson. But after seriously sharing one of the things I love to do(Yoga) on Instagram, since Dec16, I made 400+ friends, got hundreds of likes, beautiful and motivational messages. This is nothing less than magic.
“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.”

I realized, I have learned the art of appreciation, because I can relate to their effort, thoughts which go behind those amazing pictures or posts or videos they share.  It goes for any social platform, whether its Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, WordPress etc. You get to see how imaginative and cooperative people are around you and you start admiring it.


2) Become Compassionate and Loving – I have a fascination of writing and this goes way back since my college days. I used to maintain a diary to write my thoughts everyday, it used to comfort me. After starting my WordPress blog last November, whenever I read other blogs or writers work(whether as a blog or a post in LinkedIn, or tumblr, Evernote etc.), I know they have put a lot of effort and care in writing that piece of art. It’s part of their creativity that make me love their work.
“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

You need love and caring of others to grow. If today I help someone to lift up, tomorrow they will do the same to me.


3) Make new Friends – In the world with billion people, we limit ourselves by only making friends who are around us, whom we can see and talk to. This medium gives us the power of interacting and making friends with anyone, anywhere. We come to know about their culture and traditions. We get to know about the place they stay, get to look at the world from their eyes. We get to expand our imagination and thought process. We are no more the frog in the well. We get to share our work, thoughts and experiences with millions of other like minded individuals.

“Every new friend is a new adventure… the start of more memories.” By Patrick Lindsay

Leave a personal comment on their blogs/pics/posts etc, appreciate the work and you will see them responding and remembering you for long. Share love and respect with others and see love coming your way.


4) Sharpen or Learn new skills – Lots of people loose direction because they don’t get a platform to showcase their abilities. Social Media gives you just that. You get to display what you are best at, you get expert advise, you get appreciation and a chance to change lives of other. YouTube is my encyclopedia for learning new dance steps, taking guitar lessons, learning yoga, fitness and what not. I keep inspiring and motivating myself by learning from the masters in Internet. This helps me in enhancing my overall personality.
5) Tell from your experience – I would like the readers to share from their experience why they think Social media is good. It can be becoming a better photographer or gaining popularity, or earning money 🙂 For me it is to have a platform to voice out my opinion, share my passion with the world.Things money can’t buy.
What’s yours?
Take care till the next time.

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