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Redefine the Classic – Black & White

Hello Lovely readers,

Hope you guys are enjoying Spring. Don’t you think life would be easy if things were either Black or White. Don’t worry there are still few things which work wonders in Black and White. Everyone should have few basic clothing items in their wardrobe to get an elegant look no matter how they wear it. To top the list I have White shirt. If you are struggling with what to wear, take out this piece from your wardrobe and match it with anything, any color, to get a fresh look. If you don’t have one then, don’t wait. Go, Get it 😉 Thank me later;) This white piece will instantly lift your mood. Another basic item is a Black bottom it can be a pant, jeans or skirt. Now, combine these two basic items and create your own masterpiece 🙂


Going by the meaning of colors – Black gives you a sense of power and authority whereas White implies innocence, it is the color of perfection. Being opposites, the two colors complement each other very well. White brings to light what black has to hide 😉 A BIG plus – wearing black also makes you look thinner, Awesome 🙂


I am donning the Woven shirt by Mango which I bought online 😉 it is a bit transparent so I have to wear a spaghetti underneath. I paired this with a Black skirt which I bought from Bangkok. The sheer strip at the bottom of the skirt gives it a transitional look.


My makeup is simple, wearing Colorbar Primer and BB cream, red lipstick, always in vogue. Hint of Kajal.


I am wearing flats from Steve Madden for the comfort quotient. But I recommend you to wear Black peep toes on this for a sexy look.



I am wearing my cute little sling bag in this pic 🙂


I visited this elegant pan Asian restaurant Ohm@Avasa which was awesome and stylish 🙂

Please share your favorite black and white combination via the comment section 🙂 I will be glad to know 🙂

Take care till the next time. My heart goes out for the Brussels causalities.




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