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I love Twirling, Do you?

Holi is the day to express love with colors. It is a time to show affection. All the colors that are on you are of love. Anonymous

Hello Lovely Readers,

Let’s remember our good old days and do things which we did only when we were kids. When I was a little girl, I used to twirl a lot . I always preferred to have a frock with frills so that I can keep twirling 🙂 and I tried this again today and felt the same happiness:) I surely got giddy after this :), visit my Instagram to watch the video 😉 ) If you also want to feel happy, pick one of your good old memories and Re-live that moment, instantly you will have a big smile on your face.



This outfit of mine is inspired by the festival of colors – ‘Holi’. This is a very big festival in North India and is celebrated in a grand way. People forget their animosity and apply colors to each other and you will hear “Bura na mano holi hai” everywhere:) Everything is soaked in love 🙂



I love wearing skirts as these are very comfortable. It adds a lot of femininity and makes me look graceful :). You can also get variety of looks with a skirt by pairing it with a Spaghetti and scarf or pair it with a simple tank top.


Match high heels with long skirts to look taller. You can take liberty of wearing flats with short skirts 🙂 My heels are from ‘My Foot’. I love the strap designs of my Beige Stilettos. This color can be paired with any of the looks.


This red poncho of mine has a small story. I was wandering around the shops in Baga Beach in Goa, and came to this shop (name I don’t remember) just to check what it had in store. I saw this piece with all the beautiful beads decoration. First I thought, I may not use this anytime as this does not falls inline with my style but then I felt like experimenting and thus bought it. It has been close to an year it was lying in my wardrobe when finally I showed it some sunlight:)


Did you like the colors of my outfit? 🙂 What are you experimenting with currently?

P.S: ‘Bura na mano holi hai’, translated – Dont mind the colors as it is Holi:)

Take care till the next time 🙂



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