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Headstand Basics

“Every accomplishment begins with a decision to try”

Are you scared of Inversions? Does your heart skips a beat, when you see others going Upside Down? Do you still want to give it a try but don’t know where to start. If you have answered ‘Yes’ to all the above questions then you are at the right place. This post is all about breaking down the first step towards inversion that is “Headstand”. Headstands are deceiving, looks scary but if you practice it right, it might be your favorite place to be 🙂 Headstand is achieved by having a flexible neck, strong shoulder, firm core and a peaceful mind.

First thing, to build up is the neck flexibility. Do your warm up before starting any practice. Once you feel comfortable in your body try some neck stretches –

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  1. Turn your head side to side for 5 times.
  2. Move your head up and Down for 5 times
  3. Circle your neck clockwise and anti clockwise for 5 times.

Now, you might wanna do beginner Push Ups to strengthen your shoulders 🙂

  1. Lie on the floor in a plank position. Hands pushing the floor, Legs extended at the back, raising yourself up till shoulder level.
  2. Now bring your knees down touching the floor.
  3. Once in this position bend your elbows, bringing your chest to the ground, keeping your core firm, then rise up straightening your hands.

Repeat it for 5 times.

If this is too much for you please stop here and keep doing this for few days, till you feel comfortable. Once you are ready please go ahead with the rest of the practice. I have given pictorial presentation for each steps.

Next we will prep for the pose.

  1. Start from Downward Dog, then Hands shoulder width apart. Come on your forearms and Interlace your fingers.
  2. Bend down, place the flat part of your head in between your palms.
  3. Raise your body from the Hips making a triangle with your shoulders, hips and legs shown in the picture.
  4. Next step align your hips with your head forming a straight line. For this you will have to straighten your legs and move a bit forward.
  5. Stay in this pose for 5 breaths. If this is too much please stop here.
  6. Fold one your leg close to the chest and take it back. Repeat with other leg. Do this exercise for couple of times.
  7. If you can do all this, try folding each leg close to your chest and stay here for few breaths. By this time you are already in a headstand 🙂 YAY!! you did it 🙂






If you have reached till here, now is the right time to straighten your legs in the air and feel the excitement and thrill of going upside down 🙂 Do use a wall if going off the wall is too much of a challenge for you at this point of time. All the time keep yourself focused by taking deep and regular breaths. Keep your core tight, legs and shoulder engaged. Stay in this position as long as you want.

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You know you have to start somewhere so why not now 🙂 Please  use the comment section to send me your queries/ doubts. I will be more than happy to help you 🙂 Believe me you will feel so elated and happy once you do this. Do give a thumbs up if this helped you 🙂

All the very best 🙂







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