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For a rainy day

“Those who say only sunshine brings happiness have never danced in rain”

Hello Lovely Readers,

It’s the rainy season here in India and I am loving it. A long drive, a hot cup of tea and Bhajiyas also called fritters is a perfect recipe of happiness 🙂 I love getting wet in rain. During the initial days of my career I, along with some other friends of mine were sent to Chennai for training during this season. I still remember, I used to dance under the rain until I was drenched and those are my sweetest memories of that foreign city 🙂 You can understand my happiness only if you have also done the same ;). As the weather was getting awesomely pleasant, I planned for a for a long drive and would like to share what I wore 🙂

I wore this beautiful printed sky blue satin dress which I bought in Goa. It is not the perfect attire for a rainy day but I like its texture and I knew the rain cannot ruin this 😉 It perfectly fits on the body and makes you feel light. Also it gives you the independence to style it in two different ways. Isn’t it wonderful to get two look from one dress 🙂  I have used a peachy polka dot sleeveless shirt to give the attire a casual look. I bought this shirt from a local store in Secunderabad 🙂 I am also wearing a simple open sandal with heels, in nude colour. Lastly, I carried my Espirit pink umbrella, which I love the most 🙂 just in case 🙂 You can skip the umbrella if you planning to get wet but as I had to travel I chose not to 🙂 I am not wearing any makeup to prevent myself from getting any sticky feeling 🙂 Hope you will also love the look as much as I do.

Please let me know your views and what you like to wear on a rainy day in the comments section below. Would love to hear from you guys. You can send me pictures on Instagram ( or Twitter (evengsan). Do give a thumbs up if you liked this post 🙂

Take care till the next time 🙂




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