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Sephora Foundation Review

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Hello Beautiful souls,

I have been wanting to write this review for so long, just couldn’t pen down my thoughts till today. Hope you all are doing fabulous, and enjoying your sunday. Let’s talk about Foundations today. The number one must have in a makeup kit is “Foundation”. These don’t only give you a uniform and flawless skin but can also change your face colour i.e you can either get a dark or fair tone depending on your use and needs. Max Factor is known to have released the first commercial foundation known as Pan-Cake. Present date we have a lot of brands and shades and often we get lost in what to buy and what not.

I have also used foundations from different brands – Lakme, Max-Factor, Maybelline etc till I laid my hands on this Sephora Foundation Moyen medium shade no. 33 noir.walnut. which is also oil free. For me this has passed all the criteria’s and is currently my goto foundation because of the following reasons –

  1. Texture – It is a liquid foundation which is good for my dry skin. It is neither runny nor very thick just the right concentration. I can apply it using a sponge or brush or simply with hands.
  2. Match the skin tone – This matches my skin tone perfectly. It has a yellow undertone good for wheatish skin. If you are fair with pink undertones got for ivory foundations, if you are fair with yellow undertones a vanilla shade suits better.
  3. Application and Finish – This is easy to apply, applying it with a makeup blender/sponge or hand gives the best result. It spreads evenly and gives a smooth finish and you can build on it however you want. I usually like to dap it in place using the beauty blender. Do not just slather it all over, take little and work from the centre of the face outward.
  4. Coverage – Ii is a full coverage foundation and I would say this gives me the best coverage, compared to other foundations. It covers all the flaws and prepares my skin well for the concealer. For some people concealer may not be required after applying this.
  5. Stay – It stays for a long time, more than 8 hours. It did not turn greasy or cakey or flaky anytime, maybe because it is oil free.


I am in love with the product and this has become my makeup staple. When selecting the foundation do test it on your neck to chest area as that will give you a fair idea if it matches  your skin tone or not. If possible check it in the daylight for the perfect match. If buying online always buy a shade lighter to what you think would be best for you, because the professional pics are taken under a lot of light and the contrast may have been adjusted to suit the look. One other thing you can do is take a bit of current foundation which matches your skin on back of your palm and and take it near to the screen to see which one matches the best.

Price: INR 2250 approx.

Hope the review helps. Please let me know your favourite foundation in the comments below, would love to know and try other brands 🙂 It would mean a lot.

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Take care till the next time.

Keep Smiling and loads of Love


3 thoughts on “Sephora Foundation Review

  1. Have tried many foundation including Mac, inglot, bodyshop , revlon and make up forever hd…but after application all of them make my skin look grey…plus in store light the foundation looks right and when I try it at home I don’t find the same result…The only foundation that suited my complexion so far is bobby brown warm natural finish but it’s very pricey so I am looking for a more budget friendly options…


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