Lady in Red @Himayat Sagar

Hello Lovely Readers,

Hope you all are rocking 🙂 Rainy season has started in Hyderabad and the days have become pleasant and enjoyable. I planned for a long drive today hoping it will rain again but it didn’t, so I cut short my trip. Before coming back I visited this beautiful place called Himayat Sagar which is in the heart of the city. Hyderabad gets it drinking water from this place. At one side of the road there is the view of water which you can see in the pics wherein the other side you can enjoy the greenery. You can also see the ORR from here(an amazing sight again). Its a favourite place among all the Hyderabadis. They come here with family and friends to have lunch and spent some time in peace similar to having a picnic or you can also see youngsters busy with photoshoots. You can find from amateur to experienced photographers trying their hand on the camera with one thing in common  – the love of taking pics or Selfies. A perfect spot for an awesome shot. I think you will agree. All these people make this place lively and you feel like coming back here.

This was my stop as well to enjoy the nature and some sunshine. My attire includes this  red top(its from Bangkok, thrift shop) with a blue basic jeans(from Lee) and a nude/peach flat(from Bata). I made a knot at the bottom of the neckpiece I am wearing as it was too long to leave it open 🙂 Wearing a simple hanging earring and guess what, I am absolutely in no makeup, just a sunscreen and a lip gloss to start the day.

I couldn’t stop myself from taking some Yoga pics too. See, I told ya its the perfect spot. This is a peaceful place to practice Yoga. If you are around do visit:)

Do write your views in the comment section.

Take care till the next time.

Keep Smiling, loads of love









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