Smashbox X Lily Singh – BAWSE Lipstick Review on Indian skin

Hi Beauties,

Hope you all are doing great 🙂 Today I want to review the famous shade of lipstick from Smashbox called “BAWSE”. Yes, this shade is in collaboration with the famous Youtuber Lily Singh, I am a big fan of her 🙂 Whenever I am bored or feel low I turn to her channel for some mood lift:) I love the fact that she being a women is ruling the world with her humour a career which was male dominated till now. This shade makes you look like you own this world just like Superwoman herself. Seems i was waiting for this shade all my life 😉 It is a red color liquid lipstick which is suitable for all skin types. It is lightweight so you can play around with other shades as well for a little adventure:) One more thing to cheer is that it is cruelty free and also Paraben free. I bought this from Sephora in Bangalore as it was not available anywhere in Hyderabad.

It is matte in texture. It easily glides on the lips leaving it feeling soft and moisturised, which you don’t find in other liquid lipsticks. This lipstick doesn’t flakes or feathers. You can blend this with multiple shades to get an ombre looking lips or play with metallic shades for a more hard core party look. for me it is a power shade and to be honest, I keep looking for reasons to wear it.

It has a mild sweet fruity smell which is pleasant. It is claimed to stay for 8 hour and I vouch for this, but be careful as it transfers a little bit. Wear your dress before applying this shade as it may transfer a bit onto the cloth. It is highly pigmented and thus even if it transfers a bit you may not notice any change in your lips. Wipe this off with a oil based remover.

It has impressive packaging with Red and Black contrast.

This is how it looks on me –

Reasons why you should buy this –

  1. Matte Liquid lipstick
  2. Highly pigmented
  3. Oil based thus leaving lips soft and moisturised
  4. Lightweight
  5. Lasts long
  6. Doesn’t bleeds or flakes
  7. Cruelty free
  8. Impressive packaging
  9. Makes you feel like million bucks

Recommend this to all my friends.

Thanks for reading, see you next time…

Take care, Love


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