Kurta Basics #101 – How to wear a Kurta

Hi All,

Kurta is the piece of clothing every girl need in their wardrobe. It goes a long way so if you don’t have one do invest in them. It is counted in the ethnic category but you can wear them on top of a jeans, or just as a dress in itself or if you want to go a little crazy you can choose to wear it as a top over a skirt as well.

Let me tell you a basic way to style your Kurta.

1. A Kurta of your choice, it can be body fit or loose. This is totally based on your comfort level. You can style the loose Kurta just the same as a tight fitting one.

2. Churidar – Choose the color of the Churidar wisely. Well yes Black and white are the basic ones which can go on any Kurta but why to leave other colours. Start by choosing a colour which is less dominant on your Kurta, like if it has prints in pink or blue etc..go for that colour of bottom. One more option you have is choosing a colour which contrasts the Kurta.

3. Accessorize

Earrings – Choose to wear hanging earrings either small on big based on your kurta design. If the colours you are wearing are more vibrant then choose a small earring or else if your Kurta is a bit plain looking go for bigger earrings which has colourfull beads.

Bangles – Also, invest in bangles. I won’t suggest buying the glass bangles rather go for the copper or bronzed or brass bangles. Go for a set which has few slim bangles paired with a wide rimmed one. Again colours are optional but we Indians love colour so go for it. It will look great if it is in contrast with your Kurta.

Bindi – This is optional. Best way where you don’t even have to invest in one is use your Kajal or eye shadow as your Bindi. Use the pointed end of your makeup brush or any pointed object get a bit of Kajal on it and tap that end in between your eye brows. Just a dot goes a long way.

4. Footwear – Choose an open sandal as it looks great on ethnic wear. You can either choose a flat or else if you want a heel version go for a wedge sandal which will be very comfortable.

5. Handbag – Last but not the least choose a hand bag which has prints or has beads and mirrors. The tote bags look very good on the Kurta.

I am posting the pics using all the above tips for you to decide 💕

Hope you like it and will try on your own.

Thanks for stopping by. Do leave for comments below.

Take care, loads of love


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