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Ready with a Bang – 2016

“Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect” by Margaret Mitchell Hello Lovely Readers, It’s time to welcome 2016 with open arms, to make new beginnings and fulfill our dreams. Yesterday I watched this movie called “Point Break”, it had a beautiful message which I brought back with me, it is about… Continue reading Ready with a Bang – 2016

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The minimalist look

We have a large screen in our office which either plays cricket or news channels. Yesterday, it was showing how Chennai came to a standstill because of heavy rains recorded the highest in past 100 yrs. My heart goes out for all those people trapped or missing. Chennai brings back quite a lot of memories… Continue reading The minimalist look

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The Fashion Bug

The other day I was watching “Tamasha” movie with my besties, and in the first half we were glued to whatever “The Deepika” was wearing, how stunning she was and how easily she was carrying the brands. She is a true Diva. She makes everything look cool on her and you will not have a… Continue reading The Fashion Bug